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Monday, October 04, 2004

What Makes a Site Rank in the Top Ten?

Everyone wants to know how to achieve top thirty rankings for their own web site in the search engines. Reality SEO looks at different sets of targeted keywords to analyze current rankings for those sites that have done everything well and achieved top ranking.

Reality SEO takes all the important factors into consideration and attempts to determine what got the top spots for the winners. We discuss how each business domain has been able to achieve their high rankings for competitive keyword phrases. Are those rankings well deserved or are they using underhanded techniques to claim first place rankings?

What techniques do they use to beat everyone else targeting the same keyword phrases? Was it inbound links from other sites or straightforward site structure incorporating elementary SEO techniques? Does the site use keywords in the domain name, title tags, headline, body text, embedded hypertext links? What type of internal linking structure do they use?


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