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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

SEO Workshop with Jill Whalen in Walnut Creek

I've often been asked by clients (and recently by corporate headhunters) how I learned so much about search engine optimization and marketing. The simplest answer for me is - passion for the topic. But the truth is that I started by attending every conference, workshop and tutorial, while voraciously reading every search engine newsletter, trolling search engine forums and now reading every search related blog I can find.

After reading Jill Whalen's excellent search engine marketing newsletter this week, I contacted her to ask about using one of her articles on my own site. She told me about her workshop coming to California and offered my readers a 25% discount on the cost of that two day event.

I highly recommend that you go if you are anywhere near San Francisco or can convince the boss to send you there. They've arranged for a great hotel room rate if you mention the event as you check in at the workshop venue.

The High RankingsĀ® Search Engine Marketing Seminar
Thursday March 30 and Friday March 31, 2006
The Holiday Inn Walnut Creek, CA
Cost for both days is $1395 (25% discount if you contact or call for the discount code at 562-572-9702)

Here's a promotional blurb from the HighRankings Site:

"World-renowned search engine marketing experts Jill Whalen, Scottie Claiborne, Karon Thackston, Christine Churchill, Matt Bailey and Diane Aull put the technical stuff into words you can understand. These SEO/SEM consultants will provide you with the information and proven methods to bring highly targeted search engine traffic to your Websites. Each of our speakers have obtained hundreds of top-10 search engine rankings for their sites and those of their clients, helping them double, triple and even quadruple their sales! Now you can benefit from their collective expertise and experience on your own sites -- for a fraction of what it would cost to hire any one of them."

Agenda and registration here:

If you would like to be an event sponsor, go here


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