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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials Creating Buzz Early

Turn off the sound

It used to be that Super Bowl Commercials would be protectively hidden until game day by advertisers, but they've learned the value of online buzz and many are releasing them early to get that buzz going. This one is from Unilever's Sunsilk Hair Care. and was found on "She Plays Music blog.

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Blogger dani said...

Hey Mike! Thanks for the teaser. I kind of like this commercial, is it just me or it doesn't quite seem Super Bowl worthy. I'm particularly fond of the funnier commercials. Firebrand has the best commercials around on demand and as a lead up to the big day we'll be airing "The Road to Super Bowl Monday". (Super Bowl Monday of course - the day everyone chats about the commercials). I'm looking forward to downloading my favorite commercials this year because it drive me crazy that I usually only get to see some of these hilarious ads once. We have made a social media news release for bloggers like yourself. It is available here:

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