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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Legal Documents & Forms People Want Online

Today I was searching for a document to handle a legal matter and turned up all manner of things I didn't need and very little I sought. The experience of seeking a specific document and being unable to find it puzzled me because there are so many places to find things if you can simply form the proper query in a search engine text box. To be clear here, I wasn't using a generic phrase like "Legal Documents" - I searched for the specific form I needed, using modifiers and negative terms, restricting to sites, and checking variables. When I didn't turn up the specific document I was after, I did a bit of keyword research. "What kind of geek would do that? A search engine geek. ;-)

Here's the type of legal forms and documents people search (guess what - nobody else seems to search for that one document I needed).

Legal Documents, Forms & Templates People Look for Online - Get more legal forms

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