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Friday, September 07, 2007

Social Media News Room SMNR & Press Releases

To continue the conversation about Social Media News Rooms (SMNR's) started in the last post, there's a great podcast from "For Immediate Release" by Hobson & Holtz discussing the latest at GM of Europe launching their Social Media Newsroom. In this podcast, they also point to a social media release distributed by Cisco Systems, which is posted at CNN SmartMoney.

The Cisco press release, distributed by MarketWire, is included on the SmartMoney site with the social media links to RSS feeds and the related social media bookmarks embedded links REMOVED from the release. This is discussed by Author Shel Holtz in a brief WebProNews article about the Cisco social media release, points out how CNN removed the embedded links to video, podcasts, blog posts, links and other links included in the original release.

To be fair, this is a function of standard PR distribution and may also have more to do with the CMS that CNN uses, which may drop links from all press releases. It's not unusual for automated publishing systems to drop links from content they have no control over. But shouldn't social media have different submission and approval processes?

Below is a player from EveryZing, which allows playback of the Hobson & Holtz "For Immediate Release" Podcast discussing Social Media News Rooms

"social media news room" For Immediate Release Podcast - For Immediate Release: 09/06/07

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